Is Play to Earn the Future of Crypto?

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If you are new to cryptocurrency this article will absolutely blow you away. In fact many ‘crypto experts’ are still unaware of this lucrative new way people are earning crypto for free! To shake things up even more, an absolute beginner could earn cryptocurrency all from the comfort of their own couch. So how exactly does this work?

Understanding the technology behind crypto is critical to making smarter investment decisions. Become a blockchain ninja today!

Forget Buying Crypto!

Most people who invest in crypto simply trade fiat currency for a portion of cryptocurrency using a centralized exchange such as Coinbase or Binance. But there is an even better way to acquire crypto, without spending a dime. Did I forget to mention that you can have fun while doing this? As if earning crypto for free isn’t fun enough!

Getting Started

You may be asking yourself how such a feat can be accomplished, and the answer is ‘play to earn’ games. What is a ‘play to earn’ game you may ask? Well the answer is quite simple, any game that is ‘play to earn’ simply means that by playing the game you earn crypto. People are already earning large sums of crypto each day by doing this. To get started of course you need a system to run the games on, some popular titles include Splinterlands, CryptoKitties, and Axie Infinity. However new ‘play to earn’ games continue to be released regularly.

The Catch

This solution might appear like the holy grail for crypto fiends, however there is a major catch. Earning crypto with this method can potentially be very time consuming, which means you need to be willing to sacrifice your personal time in order to see some serious gains. For people who do not already own a system to run these games, they will unfortunately need to purchase the necessary equipment in order to begin playing.

The Future of ‘Play To Earn’

As crypto continues to grow in popularity it is applied to new technologies, which means we can’t be sure which projects will stick around for the long haul. It is certainly safe to say that ‘play to earn’ games will be around for the near future. However it is still too early to gauge the impact these games will have on the direction of crypto.

One More Thing

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